0104 Queer Tools

Jun 01, 2012, 03:58 PM, Japan

Chindogu. Did someone say “Bless you?” No need. This is a Japanese word that means “queer tools” and it was coined to describe the Japanese penchant for unusual inventions. From toilet paper rolls that attach to the head for easy access during allergy season to tiny mops for a cat’s feet that polish the floor during feline prowling, Japan has long been fond of the bizarre neo-thing. The latest in this tradition is the vending machine disguise, a skirt which unfolds into a sheet that looks exactly like a soft drink vending machine. Pedestrians fearful of street crime can activate this disguise and hide among the many vending machines found on Japanese city streets, thereby utterly fooling a would-be thief. Unless he’s thirsty, of course. #ceas #hacker #japan #tsutsui

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