0126 The Ironic Curtain

Jun 01, 2012, 05:16 PM, South Pyongan, North Korea

In a communist state, the government guarantees a job for every citizen. So it is in North Korea though some jobs here are more about form than function. Take the traffic ladies of Pyongyang for example. These lovely young women dress in tailored uniforms and spanking white gloves, carry a rod with a red light on the end, stand in the middle of an intersection and direct traffic with choreographed moves of military precision. When their hourly shift ends, the changing of the guard is accomplished with pomp and ceremony. The fact that there is little or no traffic to speak of in Pyongyang does not interfere with the gravity with which the traffic ladies carry out their work. Remember the iron curtain? Well, this must be the Ironic Curtain. #ceas #hacker #NorthKorea