An Ibiza International Music Summit Special with Earth Percent : Bye bye Plastic, Muscial artisan Jurgis Didžiulis and Indigenous artist Chabeli Chain

Episode 164,   May 05, 2023, 01:00 AM

In todays Episode we are Live in the Garden Suite of the International Music Summit in Ibiza with my co-host Sophie Shnapp of Earth Percent.

We speak to Luke from Bye Bye Plastic about how people can support the banning of plastic from the music industry and nightlife culture on Ibiza.

Jurgis Didžiulis - a columbian Lithuanian - pops in for a chat and tells us how he is working with companies who wish to shift their organisational culture and has been doing so through music for a very long time. He used to be an artist and is now a music artisan and we hear some special live tracks on the show.

Plus we End the episode with a conversation with Chabeli Chain who is from the Venezuelan Amazon rainforrest. She is a vocalist, musician and DJ as well as an Indigenous rights advisor. She tells us how her vision is to bring the music and natural wisdom of the indigenous people to pop culture and electronic dance movement.