Gary Wimmer NDE, Tuned In - A Second in Eternity, Guitar music bonus

May 04, 07:54 PM

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." - Bob Marley

As promised, my interview with Gary. One thing missing from previous interviews would also have been missing this time if the audio had not disappeared from the initial attempt.  I love Gary's music.

It was a spontaneous question as we were recording. I felt a prompt. I asked, "Can you play something on the guitar?" Gary is professional musician - decades of shows - audiences, corporate and private. He retired from performing in 2010.

He still offers guitar lessons. He also plays the piano. It felt important to include music. In response to my request, he attempted a quick demo, then asked if he could send something instead. Of course. 

There are 2 music segments. One in the intro, and the longer version at the close of the interview. What a wonderful surprise. I am so glad I asked and so glad to hear Gary's music. Beautiful.

Timing. Only after all of this transpired did I make the connection that my recently added Ukulele might have played a part. [I know one chord.] How convenient when looking for support on this post - the first site I landed on [bookmarked] includes - of all things - links to Uke resources.  


About his 1977 NDE. He was already very psychic. That was the problem. It had kicked into overdrive and he was experiencing a constant bombarding of information with no ability to slow it down or shut it off.

While some information could be helpful at times, there were other aspects of that constant data drip that felt intrusive and uncomfortable. Overwhelming and debilitating. He asked for help to shut it off.

The shut off valve involved a head on - pedestrian vs. car accident. That's where the NDE starts.

Gary's book: A Second in Eternity: The true story about a 'near-death, out-of-body' experience and a voyage beyond space and time and into the Infinite, Amazon, Affiliate link.

Amazon Reader Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning book.
"This is one of the most interesting books I have read in years. I read it all in one sitting, and I have not read a full-length book in one sitting for a long time. The book is an example of the effect of a strong desire to learn and understand, and how it can attract to us the very thing we are so focused on. Wimmer's personal experiences are phenomenal and eye-opening. I honestly do not understand why this book did not become a New York Times bestseller. It should have."
Gary Wimmer. Website.

Gary has another book: Lithomancy, the Psychic Art of Reading Stones, Amazon, Affiliate Link. Gary began giving Psychic readings in 1973, and since 1980 has incorporated lithomancy in his readings. 

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