Why is Mark Wahlberg’s Social Media So Weird?

Episode 291,   May 11, 12:00 AM

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Cody and Noel watch a somewhat cringe (and very euphoric) reaction to life after a darkness retreat, conduct a deep dive on Mark Wahlberg’s Instagram and try an assortment of Taco Bell beverages.

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0:00 Death by Cream Cheese
0:57 Intro
2:02 Space Construction
4:05 PJ to Montana
5:41 Jack Astor’s 
6:28 Ball Slammers Bar & Grill
8:08 Taco Bell Cum Ball
8:39 ZocDoc
9:56 Taco Bell Merch Drop
14:04 Lox of
14:55 Frutista Freeze
17:35 Hello Slots
18:15 Emerging from The Darkness 
21:07 The McDonald's App
22:26 So Beautiful
24:21 The Kidnap Simulator
25:45 Yes Theory
27:34 Crying Through The O
28:28 Pain Simulators
29:24 Leon Hendrix
30:48 The Dopamine Binge
31:50 Snack Break
33:12 Adrenaline on Ice
35:45 Mike Stand
37:43 Honey
39:10 Hunter’s Accident
44:28 Mark Wahlberg Online
46:57 Wife Filmed Thirst Traps
51:14 4 am wakeup
56:40 Ladies Only 
57:30 Municipal
1:00:54 Investing in Mark Wahlberg
1:04:04 Figure it Out