The Power Of Voice at IMS Ibiza with Earth Percent´s Sophie Shnapp, Alice Aedy, Ebyan Zanini and Mollie Mendoza

Episode 166,   May 12, 2023, 01:00 AM

This weeks we are back at the International Music Summit with a female led conversation on the Power of Voice.

The episode was recorded LIVE in the Garden Suite of Destino Ibiza and was hosted by Eco activist, documentary maker and Co-founder of EarthRise Alice Aedy.

Alice has travelled to the climate front lines to document the human cost of climate change to give a human face and share the human stories that are all too often missing from climate storytelling.

Alice guided a beautiful conversation about how we can all use our voice to empower our art, fuel music, inspire movement and make a positive change in a world that seems transfixed on doom talk when it comes to climate.

Sophie Shnapp of Earth Percent spoke of the idea of having a voice through change making. So having a voice through music and having a political stance and feels that being at places like IMS is and important place to share this.

Mollie Mendoza works in the healing arts with dance and embodiment and is a female empowerment coach. She shared the way we use our voice internally and externally and says our inner voice is just as important as the one  we express to others and create boundaries and communicate and spoke of the art of relating.

Poet Ebyan Zanini shared the way her voice has influenced her art and healing and how both are intrinsically linked.

In October The Reset rebel will be hosting our second Ibiza  installment of our Women´ - s voice activation retreat 14 and 15 October 2023 - More details here: