Into My Arms, The Murder of Beatriz Lebre | Portugal

Episode 213,   May 14, 2023, 09:30 PM

When a fellow student was arrested for Beatriz Lebre’s brutal murder, everyone was shocked. How did their friendship end in gruesome murder?

When 23-year-old Beatriz Lebre failed to show up to present a college paper, friends were immediately concerned. The search commenced and sadly her body was discovered a week later, in the Tejo River. Beatriz was well-liked, kind and always ready to help others, who would want to kill her? Her friends and family were shocked when police arrested a fellow student, and close friend of Beatriz’s, Rúben Couto. What went so wrong between them that she ended up bludgeoned to death and thrown into the river?
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This True Crime Podcast was researched using open source or archive materials.