Jeffrey Mishlove, PK Man - Ted Owens' extraordinary PSI ability. (aired 2016)

May 16, 10:00 PM

"The mind is a powerful thing. It can move mountains, and it can also move objects." - Unknown

How did Ted know certain events were going to happen? He claimed ETs, "Space Intelligences" told him.

The story of Ted Owens is a challenge for skeptics. The PK Man: A True Story of Mind Over Matter, Amazon - by Jeffrey Mishlove  Forward by John E. Mack

Ted Owens claimed he had been visited by extraterrestrials (ETs). He said the ETs taught him how to use his mind to control objects and events, a power that he called "psychokinesis" or PK. Owens claimed he used his PK abilities to predict future events, such as the outcome of sporting events and the stock market. He also claimed that he used his PK abilities to help people, such as by healing the sick and preventing accidents.

Ted called the ETs, "Space Intelligences" ...  When claims of his PK abilities were ignored or challenged, he rebelled and is said to have produced earthquakes, civil unrest, UFO sightings, strange weather events, and other powerful phenomena.

Jeffrey Mishlove saw more than a few demonstrations. Enough to say Ted did indeed possess abilities that are beyond explanation.

Regarding his temper and creating disturbances or causing physical harm when aggravated, Jeffrey says he experienced the effects of one of those negative outbursts. Ted acknowledged (without being confronted or accused) his actions and apologized.

Amazon Reviews -
1. "The reason this book is on my keeper shelf is because of the valuable exercises in Chapter 11. I found them to be empowering and unique. If you are interested in developing abilities or honing what you have, have a look at them."

2. "I knew Mr. Owens from about 1970 to 1973 and have read other books, magazines and articles about Ted, or written by Ted, or his preferred biographer, Otto Binder, who wrote the original comic "I Robot" which later became famous for Isaac Asimov as a book."

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