Cyclical Business Episode: On "Receiving" In Business

Episode 62,   May 29, 2023, 03:28 PM

In this episode as part of the Cyclical Business Series, I chat with you about the different ways that you can "receive" in business that are not financial.

At the beginning of starting a business or coaching practice, we invest a lot of time and energy into marketing, giving things away for free, planning the business, setting things up. After a while, this can become exhausting especially if you feel you are not receiving anything in return. 

Reciprocity is so important in business. It allows your nervous system to receive energy and allows us to build, over time, a strong and secure attachment with our business, our audience, and our customers.

Tune in to hear more about building reciprocity into your business model, and how you can receive more energy in return for the great work you are doing.

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