The transformative power of pursuing your passion, with Kitty and Al Tait, founders of Kitty’s Kits, The Orange Bakery and Breaducation

May 30, 02:00 AM

“I didn’t know how to function any more. And then, one day, I watched my dad make a really simple overnight bread, mixing flour, salt and yeast in a bowl. Watching something so simple transform into something so magical made me feel safe.”

Meet Kitty Tait and Al Tait, the daughter and father duo who are exceptional bakers with an even more exceptional story. 

At just 14, Kitty struggled with anxiety and depression which became so acute, she left school. Encouraged by her father, she discovered baking and their lives took an unexpected turn. Recognising that baking had been fundamental in Kitty’s recovery, Kitty and Al set about changing the world one loaf at a time.

In this episode Holly speaks to Kitty and Al, and learns more of how they immersed themselves in the world of baking - and how they are now using their knowledge and passion to inspire, educate and empower others, bringing the art of baking to the masses. 

Sharing many tear-jerking and life-affirming tales from their journey so far, this is a conversation about creativity and self belief, and one that highlights the transformative power that pursuing our passions can have on our lives.

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