Ep #119 Making your podcast possible a LIVE SPECIAL with Nic Redman, Suzi Dale and Hilary Salzman

Season 6, Episode 119,   May 31, 2023, 06:00 AM

**Mind your ears for mild some swearing**

What a bloody treat! I got to record a real life on-the-sofa-next-to-me show with some favourite work pals at The Podcast Show London 2023. And here it is for you to wrap your ears and thoughts around.

Nic Redman (voice coach), Suzi Dale (podcast producer), Hilary Salzman (copywriting storyteller) and I all have our own podcast. And in this special edition of #JustBloodyPostIt we talk about

  • what makes it possible to start a podcast
  • why you'd bother doing something so slightly tricky
  • why more women aren't doing it 
  • and whether podcasts and video mix (argument!)
This is Nic's previous #JustBloodyPostIt about how to love your voice: https://audioboom.com/posts/8110095-how-to-love-the-way-you-sound-with-voice-coach-nicola-redman-nicredvoice