Follow a First Timer#5: Megan Rogers on Failure

Season 6, Episode 221,   May 31, 08:30 PM

This season we are returning to our first-time roots! We hear all the time from listeners who’ve gone from thinking about writing a book to starting to write a book to having their own debut author experience.

One of the things that these new authors say is that they’ve gone back and listened to the episodes that cover off the various milestones. So this year we’re going back too. We want to capture that first time again ourselves...

We’re going to being follow a first time author across the year, catching up multiple times along the way. Our very first Follow a First Timer is Megan Rogers, author of The Heart is a Star.

In this, the FIFTH episode of the series, recorded prior to The Heart is a Star being released, Megan talks about failure and what success might look like as an author.

This episode is brought to you by Harper Collins.

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