Books: Anna Maria DiDio Discusses Adoption

Episode 22,   Jun 25, 05:00 AM

Today our guest is Anna Maria DiDio.

Anna Maria lives in Philadelphia. She holds a BA in Psychology from Villanova University and an MSW in Family Specialization from the University of Pennsylvania. 

For over twenty years, she has devoted time to non-profit organizations, locally and globally. She has served as President of Women International Leaders (WIL) of Greater Philadelphia, which provides micro-finance loans and empowerment grants to women in under-resourced countries. She is also on the board of Impact100 Philly. 

Her parenting journey began with infertility struggles, which were isolating and sent her into depression. After two miscarriages, she was blessed with a baby girl, but adding to her family proved impossible. 

That's how she found herself at an orphanage in Mexico, to meet a six-year-old girl who she adopted. Inspired by that journey, she wrote a memoir called Love at the Border, An Adoption Adventure. 

Traditionally orphanages are portrayed negatively however Anna Maria speaks warmly of her experience in Mexico and of the Ministerios de Amor shelters which have changed the way Mexico cares for children. 

She has also written the ‘L.I.F.E. Adventures’ series of children's books, featuring stories about adoption and foster care. The books cover topics such as trauma, attachment, identity, and grief. Anna Maria’s mission is for parents and educators to use these stories as an effective tool to open up the discussion about adoption, foster care and the love within blended families. 

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