Ep. 28: Breakout Role

Jun 07, 2023, 05:27 AM

The agents spend some time in the slammer...but not that much time. Spar gets real and morbid; Vellum gets real and reckless.

Content Notes - The opening flashback focuses on xenophobia and microaggressions. No violence is committed. Go to 20:10 to skip. Generally, this episode deals with: a prison setting, syringes and needles, extended discussion of grief and self-sacrifice.

Ila Alexei is Agent Kaolin Vellum and our artist
Essay Mnktl is Agent Merim Felspar and our editor
Jordan Quiverns is everyone else and our GM

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Our music was provided by Louie Zong.
Intro -  Dogtective; Midtro -  At Last, a Piano; Outro - Ghost + Guest.