S09.E03: Marge Excitable's Entomological Specimens

Jun 12, 09:00 AM

Bugs and fired interns.

As Bono Vox said in the 1988 film classic “Rattle and Hum,” “I don’t mean to bug ya.” Well guess what, we’re BUGGING you today as we kick off the Globo-Chem Division. Returning players Kari, Joel, and Susannah will have to contend with the return of Marge Excitable as she raves about pop culture properties whose titles employ the names of insects, arachnids, and other creepy crawlies. But she won’t make you groan as much as our recently fired intern Robert, who has completely bungled our audio archives. So our players will hep us to sort through the detritus of the misfiled clips (and we’ll give them some points for doing so).

Also, I guess a lightning round happened!

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⚠️ Inline notes below may be truncated due to podcast feed character limits. Full notes are always on the episode page.

🤔 Never had to this for the intros before, but “good old William Claude” is WC Fields, who co-starred with Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy in You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man. Do I have to explain the Philadelphia thing?

📈 The Mr. Show sketch being referenced is “Commercials of the Future,” from Season 1, Episode 2, though Globochem shows up in several sketches.

🔥 Tatsuya Gashuin was the voice of Calcifer in the Japanese version of Howl’s Moving Castle.

👨🏻‍🦳 All the actors playing Britt Reid on the radio, and in the serials, was very, very white.

🐝 There was also a 2005 movie of Bee Season, starring Richard Gere and Juliette Binoche.

🐞 The Grouchy Ladybug, aka The Very Grouchy Ladybug, is a 1977 Eric Carle book.

⚽️ The company Rodney Dangerfield’s character works for in Ladybugs is Mullen Industries. If you’re wondering why their soccer team is “the ladybugs,” you’re thinking about it too much.

🛍️ The bags bags bags bags hutch scorebreak. The bags bags bags bags hutch is specially made for bags and holds up to 12 bags. [8/10 Would buy]

😚 Confusingly, Rumor Has It, which presents itself as being based on a true story that inspired a fictional story, is not even remotely based on a true story.

😀 The comic Happy is based on is by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson (co-creator of Nightman and The Boys).

🪃 Unlike the Eddie Murphy movie, the Jojo Siwa song Boomerang has a positive social message.

🍔 The ding dong king kong sing song burger scorebreak. The ding dong king kong sing song burger put it in your face you – oh, we’re going to have to bleep that. [3/10 That burger has mayo on it, so no thank you]

🏨 Stephen King liked the 1997 The Shining TV miniseries better than the Kubrick movie.

🥞 It’s easy to get Steve Carell movies mixed up, but Dan in Real Life is the one with the pancakes and Dane Cook.

👰‍♀️ Why Did I Get Married Two came out about the right time (2010), but stars Janet Jackson.

💰 Today, The Passion of the Christ is generally considered the highest grossing independent movie, though some argue that The Lord of the Rings movies are indies, which is wild.

🏃‍♀️ Susanna encourages listeners to support the Chiditarod (which has nothing to do with dog sleds, we checked)

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