Healing Starts With Being Authentic - With Meredith Ochoa

Episode 64,   Jun 12, 2023, 02:57 PM

In this episode I have a powerful conversation with artist, author, photographer AND podcaster, Meredith Ochoa all about her 17 year long journey with healing from debilitating Endometriosis.

What if there were powerful intuitive messages in your pain? What if your pain had wisdom to offer you? Listening deeply to those inner voices are what will support us back to our true authentic selves.

We chatted about:

- The path of the healing journey
- The power of authenticity
- Using art as a healing tool
- Meredith's creative work capturing the inner seasons and cyclicality
- Spirituality and the menstrual cycle
- Accessing your intuition
- Self-care

If you are looking for some inspiration on your healing journey and feel you need a little nudge to support you back into connection with your true authentic self, this episode is for you!

Meredith Ochoa
A true explorer and creative, Atlanta artist Meredith Ochoa has been reinventing alternative and digital photo processes since 2007. She has created an ongoing 13-year augmented reality (AR) interactive art series, Every Phase,  illustrating how she healed herself from endometriosis by incorporating the female infradian rhythm clock.  Meredith is a podcast host, photographer & award-winning author of Face Your Shit, Heal Yourself with a Masters of Art from Savannah College of Art & Design, creating artwork that helps others face their pain and see themselves for who they really are.

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