Living with autism & ADHD Daniel Aziz

Episode 60,   Jun 13, 2023, 06:24 AM

Daniel Aziz is a remarkable individual who has not let his ADHD autism, depression, and social anxiety stop him from achieving his goals. Despite facing significant challenges, he has managed to turn his life around and accomplish feats that many people without these conditions would find difficult.

Born and raised in a small town, Daniel struggled with his conditions from a young age. He found it challenging to connect with others and often felt isolated and alone with his attitudeĀ  turning to aggression at the of a hat ,However he refused to let his struggles define him.

Despite the setbacks, Daniel remained determined to succeed. He sought out work and managed to get a a job that he loves with this he help pay his why and gives him self worth.

Daniel's success is a testament to his resilience, determination, and willingness to seek out help when needed. He has proven that with the right support and mindset, anyone can overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. He hopes to inspire others who may be struggling with similar conditions to never give up on their dreams and to seek out the resources they need to succeed.