As Old As Time

Jun 17, 2023, 01:00 AM

Houses are like people: Each one has its own personality. Some are bright and happy while others are sullen and gloomy, huddled as if in somber contemplation, their souls chilly and festering with shadows. The house on Lutz Drive was one of the former. A white, freshly painted Dutch Colonial with a wide gambrel roof, flaring eaves, and big, double hung sash windows that reflected the warm, golden September sun, it sat well away from the street, its back facing Amity Lake and its chimney rising against the dusty blue sky like a beacon. When David first saw it from behind the wheel of his and Lucy's 2023 Dodge Gethsemane station wagon, it literally took his breath away.

00:00 Epilepsy Warning
00:05 Intro

02:20 Chapter 1 (David)
21:16 1A (David)

27:20 Chapter 2 (Lugosi)
44:10 2A (David)
48:20 2B (Lugosi)
57:19 2C (Lugosi)

1:10:54 Chapter 3 (David)
1:22:25 3A (Lucy)
1:32:30 3B (Lugosi)
2:05:06 3C (David)
2:26:13 3D (Lugosi)
2:32:55 3E (David)

2:38:56 Chapter 4 (Lugosi)
2:53:37 4A (David)
3:03:03 4B (Lugosi)

3:08:26 Chapter 5 (Lucy)
3:19:38 5A (David)
3:27:47 5B (Lugosi)
3:46:30 5C (Lucy)
3:50:01 5D (David)

3:51:31 Chapter 6 (Lugosi)
4:00:06 6A (Lucy)
4:10:26 6B (David)

4:19:26 Chapter 7 (Lucy)

4:41:12 Chapter 8 (Lugosi)

Written By: Joseph Rubas

Thumbnail By: TDN 

Intro Music/Music Used- “80s Retro Horror Synth - Within the Shadows”: White Bat Audio- 

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