The Greatest Scientific Discovery - Weaponized Belief

Episode 330,   Jun 19, 2023, 05:43 PM

Steve and Meg discuss the benefit of house plants to our everyday success. Steve explains how to appropriate the power of our beliefs beyond our actual experiences. “We were talking the other day about the ongoing process of transformation into an enlightened state of consciousness.  And it’s through our experiential knowledge, our revelation knowledge that comes from interactions, that a person continues along the adventure of their original life path.  In other words, the meeting of two people is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed. And it doesn’t have to be the meeting of two people.  It’s our encounter with a sunset, a path through a forest, anything of form has an energetic substance.  And when we commune with the substance of another, both the path through the forest, and you, are transformed, the starlight we gaze in a night sky, transforms the light of the star as well as the observer.  There is always a reaction to the pass through of observation. This is why its so important to the legacy of life that we choose what we will interact with through consideration, observation.”

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