Episode 79: Do We Have the Capacity? Do We Have the Facilities? (Chop Up with Diaspora United)

Episode 79,   Jun 22, 2023, 05:14 PM

Episode 79:  Do We Have the Capacity? Do We Have the Facilities? (Chop Up with Diaspora United)

Welcome to episode 79 of Shea Butter FC, a podcast by, for and about Black women in soccer. In this episode, Skye and Sylvs are joined by Courtney and Andre from Diaspora United to discuss Week 12 of the NWSL, our outlook for the last 10 weeks and some our predictions for how the World Cup may affect the league. Lastly, we give you our Rants and Raves or Heated and Hyped (™ Diaspora United) and our Hits and Riffs of the Week. 

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