Public and private credit: the CIO outlook

Episode 275,   Jul 05, 2023, 03:03 PM

Sonja Laud, LGIM’s Chief Investment Officer, and fellow experts in the field of public and private credit, discuss implications for asset classes against the backdrop of an investment world characterised by a rising risk-free rate.  Other topics covered include the question of illiquidity in private markets, attitudes to risk, the limited extent to which fixed income can be protected from the ravages of inflation and, given Wimbledon week, a tip for Desert Island Discs aficionados.

Sonja is joined by:

Mark Benstead, Head of Active Credit Solutions
Stu Hitchcock, Head of Portfolio Management, Private Credit

This podcast is hosted by Frances Watson, Content Manager.

All data sourced from Bloomberg as at July 2023 unless otherwise stated.

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