How copywriter and messabouter Dave Harland wins work by confusing LinkedIn scammers

Episode 117,   Jul 14, 2023, 04:05 AM

This week, we opened spoof copywriting dojo Cobra K-AI to sweep the leg of the scammer-scammer, Dave Harland.

Copywriter and messabouter with massive fingers. Dave helps businesses and brands speak to people with more personality, via the medium of the alphabet. His favourite part of it all is “getting paid to be silly”.

Tune in for an exclusive on his brand-new copywriting agency. Plus we chat about betting on illegal hedgehog duels, a size 5 Mitre Delta casey, what he’s been up to the last 1400 days, going all in on the funny stuff, positioning himself against our diligent robot overlords, confusing scammers, Uncle Tony’s underpants, where the most memorable ideas come from, Professor Henry Gremlin and tons more. 


Listen to his first Call To Action foray in 2019. 
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(02:01) - Quick fire questions 
(04:05) - What he’s been up to since his first episode 
(05:02) - Lockdown and going all in on the fun stuff 
(10:57) - Does funny have a formula? 
(18:06) - The Origins of Confuse the Scammers
(25:12) - An exclusive look at his new copywriting agency
(31:02) - Listener questions
(31:58) - Something…something…copywriting and AI
(48:46) - 4 pertinent posers 

Dave’s book recommendation is: 
A Self-Help Guide for Copywriters by Dan Nelken