Reclaiming Body Sovereignty After Institutional Trauma ~ With Elizabeth Tidwell

Episode 67,   Jul 24, 2023, 06:00 AM

Elizabeth Tidwell joins me today to speak about reconnecting with herself after leaving a high-demand religion, and how menstrual cycle awareness has played a key role in her journey.

A graduate of the 2023 Menstrual Cycle Coaching and Facilitation Professional Training, Elizabeth Tidwell is a menstrual cycle coach who helps women and menstruators learn vital body literacy and facilitates a deeper relationship between their cycles, bodies and whole selves.

She is also a mom and the founder of My Club Red, a hormone-friendly period self-care subscription box designed to transform menstruators' periods into a time of self-nurture, radical rest and self-connecting ritual. 

We talked about:
  • Elizabeth's self-proclaimed transformational experience after participating in the Menstrual Cycle Coaching and Facilitation Professional Training
  • The impact of institutional trauma 
  • Coming back to a place of personal sovereignty after leaving a high-demand religion
  • Reclaiming one's relationship with their menstrual cycle
  • The importance of a mindful approach to bringing menstrual cycle coaching into the world
  • Elizabeth's new group program
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