The Reset Rebel meets Eduardo Castillo : The Over View Effect

Episode 174,   Jul 26, 2023, 04:00 AM

For the month of July Ibiza has had a special resident creating a month of concerts and live experiences to reflect what Frank White calls The Over View Effect.

That moment when astronauts experience their first glimpse of planet earth from Space.

Through visual art, film, music, dance, talks and incredible food Eduardo has invited a selection of guests to join him for an intimate evening on the island to drop into this concept and create the Over View effectr here on Planet Earth.

The final show is July 27th - tomorrow - find more info and tickets HERE.

This excerpt for todays episode is a taster of what will become a regular music focussed spin off series of RR called "...And The Beat Goes on."

EP 01 goes live next week, keep your eyes on the usual places to hear it first.

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