The Reset Rebel X The Human library 01 : Talking Sustainable Fashion, Transparency and Accountability

Episode 175,   Aug 11, 2023, 04:00 AM

In todays Episode we hear the first in a series of live talks I am hosting on Ibiza, under the banner of The Human Library.

For Edition 01 I invited Tiffanie Darke who has spent most of her career in fashion as an editor, journalist, author and most recently, shopkeeper in Ibiza and Neliana Fuenmayor of A Transparent Company to join me at The House of Wow to talk about the world of sustainable fashion and how we can make the whole process more transparent and create accountability to be able to track items from farm to hanger.

If you liked the podcast and wish to create your own series, our next podcast course takes place 04 & O5 September here in ibiza over 2 days 10-4pm, so you can hit the beach after class and get inspired. Check out our website for more info.

We also have options for those who wish to fly in and join us, you do not need to be a resident and what better place to get your creative juices flowing?

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