Romanticizing Rural and "Remote" Places

Season 6, Episode 93,   Aug 10, 2023, 11:38 PM

If you take a quick browse through travel media, you'll notice a lot of cliches like, "wild", "untouched", and "remote".

These descriptions are commonly applied to places that are considered rural, and they might seem harmless. But often, these descriptions can play into misconceptions about places and usually lack the context behind why the places we visit are the way they are.

PLUS, Erin and Kattie discuss Erin's recent trip to Ireland and why the "O'Hynes" family castle isn't going to be her next summer vacation home.

Guest: Kathi Kamleitner is based in Glasgow, Scotland, and runs the travel podcast Wild for Scotland. She also runs a Scotland travel blog (Watch Me See) and plans custom itineraries, mostly for US-Americans and Canadians who come to travel to Scotland.


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Written and Hosted by: Erin Hynes
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