From Pain To Power With Money And Finance

Episode 69,   Aug 21, 2023, 06:00 AM

On today's episode I'll be sharing about something I'm passionate about both personally and professionally, money and finance. I believe this topic is really important when it comes to our nervous systems, our wellbeing, our identity and our mental health. 

Here is what I talk about:
  • My personal journey with money management and how that's evolved since becoming a business owner
  • Learning how to make money vs. learning how to manage money as a business owner
  • How at the systemic level there's a lot of gatekeeping of & limited access to information 
  • The cultural and societal shame many of us carry in our relationship with money and finance 
  • Seeing this topic through the feminist and social justice lens
  • Examining your personal history with money, the beliefs & thoughts you hold & what sort of messages you've absorbed through the years
  • Taking your power back in your relationship with money
  • Long term goal setting and taking small steps to achieve your goals

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