From Grandpa Arbitrage to Millennial Hustle – The Dual Journeys of Jamie & Tara

Season 1, Episode 4,   Aug 24, 2023, 05:30 AM

Join Des as he bridges the generational divide with two captivating guests, Jamie and Tara. Experience the inspiring tale of 'Grandpa Arbitrage', Jamie, who's dispelling age myths and proving that digital e-commerce knows no age boundaries. On the other side of the spectrum, meet Tara, the spirited millennial, echoing the sentiments of millions of her peers in Britain, hustling hard to make her dream of owning a home a reality.

In this pivotal episode, we delve into:

  • The unique origins of Jamie's and Tara's foray into the world of Amazon selling.
  • Real-life challenges, obstacles, and the unwavering mindset they maintain on their path to success.
  • First-hand insights into the prevalent challenges faced by young Britons today, exemplified by Tara's journey.
  • An intimate check-in with Des about the rollercoaster of scaling up, capturing the raw emotions involved.
  • The ever-anticipated 'Tip of the Week' feature, sharing invaluable gems for all budding e-commerce enthusiasts.
Episode 4 marks the commencement of a special series where we'll be accompanying Jamie and Tara on their respective voyages to achieve financial autonomy. Whether you're a digital entrepreneur, an e-commerce enthusiast, or someone seeking tales of grit and determination, this episode has an abundance of insights tailored for you.

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