Leading Yourself: Who The Hell Are You?

Episode 13,   Aug 24, 2023, 03:18 PM

Leading yourself is all about self-awareness: having the courage to learn the truth about what drives you, being authentic to yourself and what your values truly are - not the things you claim to believe, but the things that actually drive your behaviour. 

People tend to mould their leadership style based on what they see around them, without thinking about how well that style fits with their own personal make up.

If you as a leader understand yourself, your characteristics and your true leadership style, it leads to all-round better performance in yourself and your team. It also helps you find the best fit for your career by knowing what truly drives you.

In this episode we delve into this subject and give practical tips on the best way to achieve self-awareness - but be warned, it's not a quick or easy process!

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