Is It Time For The Last Tourist?

Season 6, Episode 95,   Sep 06, 2023, 05:35 AM

In 2021, a documentary came out that addresses the inconvenient truths of the tourism industry. The Last Tourist explores the benefits, and the harms of tourism, as well as the myriad of social issues that factor into the current tourism landscape. Ultimately, the film argues that tourism has reached a tipping point. 

Today on Curious Tourism, the responsible travel podcast, we’re chatting with Tyson Sadler, the director behind The Last Tourist.

Tyson shares with us some of the themes that come up in the film - like, why we need to address value chains in tourism. And, he shares his thoughts on the state of tourism, and what needs to change, for a better tourism future.

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Guest: Tyson Sadler
Learn more about the film: The Last Tourist.

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