September Check-In & Special Announcement

Sep 06, 2023, 09:00 PM

Hi Grey's BB's! We've missed you so much and we wanted to give you a little personal update as to why you haven't hear from us in awhile! A lot has been happening behind the scenes and we are so excited to share about Abbey's pregnancy with you! Of course it wouldn't be a typical episode if we didn't somehow go down rabbit holes of our favorite soft drinks, public television and mundane topics like the Starry/Sierra Mist rebrand that Bri has been enjoying.

We will keep you updated about your return to Season 19 and if you are a Patron please know that we did pause your September billing cycle and will do so moving forward if we continue our pause! 

As always - thanks for supporting us. We may not be putting out bonus content at this moment - but you can always listen to our backlog of bonus episodes.