Is God for or against successful entrepreneurs? Exclusive Interview with Earl Seals, Executive Producer of The Chosen

Episode 5,   Sep 08, 01:00 PM

Is this the age of entrepreneurship, for the church and the world?  It's easy for people to criticize entrepreneurs, shaming them for success and influence. However, piety can be the biggest form of pride, covert and undetected.

Buckle up for a raw, authentic interview with Earl Seals, the president and co-founder of N2 Publishing. His company has 700 locations across the U.S. and breaks $140 million in advertising revenue annually.

He is also the founder of Christian Business Fellowship and executive producer of The Chosen series. We go deep into why many people distrust Christian business people and how entrepreneurs can sometimes have a bigger impact than pastors.

Discover why Earl believes God is setting up Cedarville University to unleash entrepreneurs across the world in a brand-new way, bringing light and hope to a planet in need of healing.

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