The INFAMOUS Boom Bap Soul Mixshow Vol.177

Episode 177,   Sep 12, 2023, 10:19 AM

I present to you.. Vol.177 of the INFAMOUS Boom Bap Soul Mix Series! DON'T FORGET TO HIT THAT FAVORITE BUTTON!! As always the vibes are underground, experimental, chill, soulful, lo-fi boom bap beats & treats! SEE TRACKLIST in comment section and PLEASE SHOW THESE ARTISTS SOME LOVE on social media, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify & ITunes! Salute to everyone that supports this mix series! If you're feeling the vibes FAVORITE REPOST & SHARE this mix! Direct link to previous episodes to this mix series:
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  1. DJ GlibStylez x Reese Tanaka - BBS Intro 
  2. Dizzy Dizasta x Canna Diss - Mr. Chatterbox (Prod. by Busted Fuse)
  3. Main Source - Fakin' The Funk (K-Cut & Navi the North Remix)
  4. Rasheed Chappell - 1520  (JASON FAMOUS BEATS REMIX)
  5. Thought Provokah - Progress (Prod. by Pure Fact)
  6. Verb T - New View (Prod. by Vic Grimes)
  7. The Good People - Fat Lacing (MiLKCRATE Remix)
  8. Jamal Nueve - Respect The Spitter (ft. Piff Pennywise, Haze Da Kidd, M Doc Diego)
  9. Reese Tanaka - Keepers Of The Soul
  10. Raz Fresco x Figub Brazlevic - Ayinger Märzen
  11. Funky DL - You Mean the World to Me (Nas Remix)
  12. Whichcraft - Reign (Keef Wookie Remix) ft. Feral Serge
  13. Mashio Muzick - BackYardBushWack
  14. Da UA - Danger Zone (ft. Ke Turner Prod. by Ernie G x AmAZin)
  15. Bugginout - Bugginouts Groove 4
  16. Bofaat - Mr. Smif and Mr. Wessun (ft. Smif-N-Wessun)
  17. A1phaB3nch - Waiting (ft. 6 Cardinal x Charles Fast)
  18. Tre-Dot - Blood Sweat N Tears (Clean)
  19. Mike Titan x Tali Rodriguez - Universal Expression (ft. Rhinoceros Funk x Yahzeed)
  20. Crotona P x L.O.B - Open Season (ft. Zagnif Nori, M Doc Diego, King Author)
  21. HAJÉ - GAZER/w djyoung
  22. Bouty Johnson - Lyrically (Prod. by Prince of Sapce)
  23. Silaz Zepahnia - Nature Saw Heru (Prod. by Born5thChild)
  24. Len-Dor x Rhook Beats - Speak It (ft. E Smitty)
  25. A-F-R-O - Angel Dust 
  26. SUKAMI - Hit Back 
  27. Spectac - Sisterly Love (Prod. by Watkins Da General)
  28. Mic Logik x Max Julian - Fly
  29. WillbFree - Truth Be Told
  30. Mike Titan x Tali Rodriguez - Darkseid of the Moon (ft. Bobby Craves, Feral Serge, Whichcraft)
  31. ThisIsHipHopp - No Hablo Espanol (ft. Ren Thomas, K-Prez, ethemadassassin, Juice Gawwd, ReflectionBeatdownz)
  32. Jacob Beard - Heaven State of Mind
  33. Dynas x Jah Freedom - Soap Opera
  34. Daniel Son - Kick The Tree (ft. Raz Fresco Prod. by Wino Willy)
  35. ILLPO - Rent Due (Prod. by Nazar Wonder)