From Tolerating To Thriving With Sara Slattery

Episode 71,   Sep 18, 2023, 06:00 AM

In today's episode I had a lovely chat with Sara Slattery, a colleague and graduate of The Menstrual Cycle Coaching and Facilitation Professional Training. We spoke about Sara's experience in the programme, honoring cyclical changes, managing our experiences of societal expectations, and more.  

Sara Slattery supports values-led women to liberate themselves in life and work by reclaiming their time, energy, passions and purpose. 

She has over 20 years experience in working with individuals and families in the process of change in the community sector, education and welfare services, and more recently in her own private practice.

We chatted about:
  • Navigating uncertainty when our cycles change 
  • Why Sara decided to partake in the professional training and how she benefitted from it
  • How connecting with our bodies can help us to stay in tune with our purpose
  • Cycles and seasons of different purposes and callings
  • Major life transitions and how they can empower us to embrace what we value vs. what society values
  • The need for work environments that are more supportive of all bodies 
  • What it takes to move from the tolerating phase to our own personal version of thriving 
  • A glimpse into Sara's coaching practice 5 years in
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