What Was Alleged Gilgo Beach Murderer Rex Heuermann Like To Work With?

Sep 21, 2023, 10:00 AM

The New York Post recently reported that in the early hours of a seemingly ordinary Friday morning on July 14, real estate agent Jeffrey St. Arromand's daily routine was abruptly shattered by a phone call that sent shockwaves through his world. The voice on the other end of the line was one of his clients, her voice shaking, breathless, and scared. The news had just broken that the notorious Gilgo Beach serial killer, who had evaded capture for over a decade, had been arrested. The suspect was Rex Heuermann, an architect she had worked closely with over the past year on a Brooklyn brownstone project.
 Jeffrey, of Serhant, vividly recalled his interactions with Heuermann, yet it was his client's chilling experiences with Heuermann that drew a cold veil of shock over their past professional associations. Speaking anonymously, she recounted her baffling encounters with Heuermann, which dated back to 2002 when she had purchased her Crown Heights home. Fast-forward two decades later, in 2022, Heuermann played a significant role in renovating her property as the expeditor and architect, which was ultimately sold.
 "She drove him home once because she relocated to Long Island," St. Arromand told The Post, hinting at a journey along a "dark and desolate." Reflecting on that eerie drive home, the client revealed a haunting conversation that had taken place between them. "At one point on the drive, we talked about the Gilgo Beach murders — we even discussed the burlap and why someone would use that. In retrospect, thinking about that conversation, it's just bone-chilling," she confessed.
 She noted his peculiar behavior as she delved further into her interactions with Heuermann during the renovation. "Throughout the transaction, he was becoming very difficult to work with, even belligerent sometimes. He was constantly arguing with the plumber on the job and questioning his work. Just very odd behavior," she said. "For some reason, in this transaction, he would constantly say, 'I'm not doing anything to get a fine or open an investigation of my license.'"
 After the finalization of the property sale, her distaste for Heuermann had grown so much that she preferred him not to attend the closing. “When we ultimately were able to close on the property, I had such a bad experience with Rex that I told him not to attend the closing,” she said. Regardless, he was still owed a balance of payment and made a separate trip to the attorney's office to pick it up. "Apparently he had some disagreement with one of the women associates at the firm. This associate was so uncomfortable with her exchange with Rex that she refused to be in the office when he picked up the check. Ultimately the partner at the firm gave the check to Rex when he arrived with his daughter," she explained.
 St. Arromand shared that the property was eventually sold to a celebrity buyer whose identity remains a secret. Despite the troubling interactions with Heuermann, his client had always spoken highly of his work. “She’s someone that really supported this guy,” St. Arromand expressed. "She needed the weekend just to decompress," he added, as she grappled with the shocking revelation of Heuermann's arrest.
 The Friday discovery marked a shocking turn of events, leaving St. Arromand and his client to grapple with the chilling reality that a man they thought they knew well could be capable of such horrendous acts. This narrative is a sobering reminder of how little we might know about those we interact with daily and the mysteries that might lurk beneath the surface.
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