Aztec Death Whistle

Episode 20,   Sep 21, 04:00 AM

On this episode of MITM, Laura and Aaron step back in time to Mesoamerica. 

Laura covers the rise of the Aztecs, revealing the harsh reality of how they came to brutally dominate the region with brute force and human sacrifice. Traveling ahead through time, nearly 200 years later, a few factors create the perfect storm that all contribute to the demise of the Aztec Empire. Aaron shares his findings on the discovery of the  “Aztec death whistle” and it’s possible use in rituals that involved human sacrifice to worship the Aztec’s Sun God.

Today paranormal investigators are using this “death whistle” as a trigger object by blowing into the whistle that produces an absolutely horrifying sound of a human screaming in extreme pain. The idea is that the sound of distress may attract negative entities and produce paranormal activity.

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