Was Ruby Franke's Husband Complicit In Abuse Of Children

Sep 25, 2023, 07:00 PM

In the latest episode of the podcast "Hidden Killers," hosted by Tony Brueski and featuring insights from former FBI Special Agent Jennifer Coffindaffer, some alarming details surrounding the husband of Ruby Franke, Kevin Franke, have emerged.
 The unfolding case against the notorious mommy bloggers has seen new twists with the recent statements from Kevin Franke, who claimed through his attorneys to be "focused on doing what's best for the kids." This comment comes in light of the shocking revelations of abuse allegations involving Ruby Franke and Jodi Hildebrandt.
 But Brueski points out an unsettling nuance: Despite being separated from Ruby for 13 months, Kevin seemingly allowed his children to stay with Ruby, without any qualms. Coffindaffer noted, "It just doesn't pass the smell test." She referred to an older daughter who had previously made allegations, suggesting Kevin was aware of the dire situation. Even without direct contact, the visibly emaciated state of the children should have raised alarms.
 Most disturbing were references to the children's alleged physical states – with indications of injuries consistent with being restrained with duct tape. Coffindaffer remains skeptical of Kevin's professed ignorance, stating, "I just don't believe he knew nothing."
 The consensus? Kevin Franke is possibly keeping silent to avoid implicating himself. Coffindaffer speculates that Ruby might eventually shift blame onto him, suggesting he could hold critical information on the events of those years.
 Yet, another compelling twist emerged when Kevin's attorney hinted at his possible involvement in past traumatic events. Whether inadvertently or not, the comment suggested more than what met the eye during the period when Ruby was with Jodi Hildebrandt.
 Coffindaffer elaborated on the situation, commenting on the inadvertent admission: "I don't think he meant to really make that quasi admission... but he did." This slip has left many speculating about the depth of Kevin's involvement.
 Brueski, taking a somewhat sympathetic view, hypothesizes that Kevin might have been abused by Ruby as well. He said, "Is that he too was probably abused by Ruby. I don't know how involved he would have been with the abuse." Coffindaffer, on the other hand, expresses frustration, urging Kevin to "man up" and share the true extent of what transpired, for the sake of his children.
 The parallels drawn between the Franke situation and the Lori Vallow Daybell case suggest a more complex narrative beneath the surface, with potential elements of 'magical thinking.'
 As the story unravels, one crucial question remains: If Kevin Franke is, indeed, privy to deeper secrets, will he finally break his silence, or will these potential truths remain hidden?
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