The Ruby and the Caldron by Anna Katherine Green

Episode 1,   Sep 23, 10:20 AM

A lighthearted mystery, "The Ruby and the Caldron," by Anna Katherine Green, an author who forever shaped the mystery genre.

Wildflower Tales, Episode #1 – The Ruby and the Caldron by Anna Katherine Green
Today, we're embarking on a thrilling tale with Anna Katherine Green, the trailblazing author who forever shaped the mystery genre. In this episode, we share one of Green’s short stories "The Ruby and the Caldron," that includes a party, embarrassment, love and yes, a sparkling ruby. 

Places to Learn More About the Author
Looking for more on Anna Katherine Green’s life and literary contributions? Here are four excellent resources to explore:
  1.  "Mother of Detective Fiction: The Life and Works of Anna Katharine Green" by Patricia D. Maida. This insightful biography provides a comprehensive look at Green's life and literary career, offering valuable context for her stories. 
  2. Discover details of her life and works at her Wikipedia page.
  3. Next time in Buffalo, New York, take Step Out Buffalo’s Literary Walking Tour which includes Green as well as Twain and Fitzgerald.
  4. Visit the website,, to learn about Green and other groundbreaking women in mystery/crime fiction.

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