The Three Misses Benedict at Yale by Mrs. Burton Harrison

Episode 8,   Nov 25, 2023, 05:50 PM

Today, a romantic tale from Virginia-born Constance Cary Harrison that could easily be made into a Hallmark movie today.

Today, a light romantic tale that could easily be made into a Hallmark movie today. Written by Constance Cary Harrison, an American writer who shared many a glance into the elite New York Society she hosted. 

Places to Learn More About the Author
Looking for more on Constance Cary Harrison’s life and literary contributions? Here are four excellent resources to explore:
  1. A list of her books at 
  2. Discover details of her life and works at Encyclopedia Virginia
  3. Read her memoir of the Civil War, Recollections Grave and Gay at the University of North Carolina
  4. Read about her life on Wikipedia.
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