Irma Slage, Gifted Psychic Medium, with a talent for capturing fascinating Orb photos

Sep 24, 2023, 05:43 PM

Irma Slage is exceptional in her ability to track and capture orbs in photos. She shares some of those images on Facebook.

"There are dark shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast." - Charles Dickens

Psychic Medium Irma Slage has been featured on Television, including NBC, and major newspapers. She is also an author.

We've been in contact since I saw an interview several years ago. That unforgettable demonstration featured Irma, shadowed by a TV crew. She spoke about a presence and pointed to the location for the camera to focus. Later review of the footage highlighted the orb in that exact space.

Clueless about her unique perspective as a child - seeing deceased people as fully present physical beings - it didn't factor in until she was an adult. That reality was instigated by the death of a neighbor.

Irma has three books listed on Amazon/Kindle.

Phases of Life After Death - Written in Automatic Writing - Link.

Amazon review: I started this book out of curiosity, having no idea how it would change my entire belief system. Reading the accounts of the people that crossed over put things greatly into perspective. For the first time, philosophical issues that I believe we have all contemplated at some point in our lives, eternal wonderings such as "why are we here?" and probably the BIGGEST mystery of all, "where do we go when we die?" Are answered finally, in a logical way.i could not put this book down!

Psychic Encounters - A Guide to Having Your Own Spirit Contact - Link.

Ghostly Guide To England: With The Spirits I Encountered - Link

-- More Info for Orb enthusiasts -- with a little help from an AI friend --
Question. Hi Bard - Can you offer any information about Orb photos?

[My] Edited response: Orb photos appear to show balls of light. Often seen in places believed to be haunted, they also show up in ordinary locations.

Tips for taking orb photos:
  • Use a digital camera with a flash.
  • Take photos in low-light conditions.
  • Look for shiny or reflective surfaces in the scene.
  • Take multiple photos from different angles.
Orb photos have been reported for centuries:
  • Common colors are white, gold, and silver.
  • Can differ in size, but typically the size of a golf ball or smaller.
  • Appear alone or in groups.
  • Stationary or moving - like a streak or ribbon of light across the image.
Orb photos are fascinating. If you have an orb photo - please share it!

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