Baby Alien Went to Town

Episode 55,   Sep 26, 10:00 PM


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Welcome to Zach’s Texas Breakfast! This episode Zach and Wahlid breakdown the viral Baby Alien twitter videos, joke about the mummified alien cake, and enter into the celebrity auction. 

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Hosted by Zach Piona & Wahlid Mohammad, Created by TMG Studios, Zach Piona & Wahlid Mohammad, and Produced by TMG Studios, Zach Piona & Wahlid Mohammad.


0:00 Bigger in Texas
1:01 Intro
1:41 Welcome to Zach’s Texas Breakfast
7:23 A Party Hosted by MC Wahlid
13:41 Pork-Laced Bullet to the Butt
16:55 The Ultimate YouTube Challenge Video
22:47 Slap-Boxing with Aliens
29:17 Who is Baby Alien?
33:41 Baby Alien is Begging for It
39:25 Who Are These People?!
46:24 The Weirdest Celebrity Auction
52:55 Voicemails
57:06 The Roman Empire?!