Predator 2 (1990)

Episode 13,   Oct 03, 2022, 04:30 PM

Dan Ryckert is in town with a few podcasts to kill, so he joins us once again to talk through our mostly uncomplicated feelings about this profoundly stupid sequel, 1990's Predator 2!


(00:00:00) - NOTE: Some timecodes may be inaccurate in versions other than the ad-free Patreon version due to dynamic ad insertions. Please use caution if skipping around to avoid spoilers. Thanks for listening.
(00:00:13) - Intro.
(00:03:32) - The Hollywood cultural shift from "New York is a crime-scorched hellscape" to "Los Angeles is a crime-scorched hellscape" and the Morton Downey Jr. digression.
(00:07:23) - How the hell did this movie get made?
(00:16:10) - Bill Paxton, you are giving this movie way more effort than it deserves. Plus, some "do you remember this person?" character actor trivia.
(00:18:48) - Launching into the actual movie. It's chaos on the streets of LA!
(00:22:17) - Musings on Danny Glover, and why the Predator gets fixated on him.
(00:25:40) - The sheer '80s-ness of this movie's vision of near-future LA.
(00:27:14) - Danny Glover giving "the speech" to "the kid".
(00:32:09) - This Predator sprung for the upgrade package.
(00:34:43) - More Predator mimicking, and one of the dumber callback lines in movie history.
(00:37:09) - King Willy and the voodoo gang.
(00:43:03) - Oh Danny Boy...
(00:45:39) - Break!
(00:46:00) - We're back, and talking about that subway scene.
(00:51:12) - Time to trap ourselves a Predator. These government guys will handle this, right?
(00:58:09) - What feels like fifteen riveting minutes of Danny Glover shimmying across rooftops.
(01:01:52) - Gasp! The Predator's ship!
(01:04:29) - Too much Predator in this movie! Especially for how much of a dumbass this Predator is.
(01:09:07) - Gasp! Even more Predators!
(01:14:20) - Final thoughts, and some musings on the sequels.
(01:22:08) - Outro.

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