Im-Pius Edition

Episode 554,   Sep 28, 2023, 11:00 AM

In this week’s episode, the Catholic Church will remind us that there is too an ‘even worse’, Heath Enwright finds a hungry otter in his suitcase, and you’ll hear the get ahead C segment we tricked him into last week.
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Newly released letters underscore Vaticans complicity in the holocaust:
Halloween display featuring devil and beheaded Jesus sparks controversy
Southern Baptist leader sues SBC for revealing details about his sexual impropriety:
Physician Assistant Can Move Ahead with Challenges to Her Dismissal for Her Views on Gender Identity
Indonesian TikToker with more than 2 million followers jailed after saying Islamic phrase before eating pork
Polish Priests’ gay orgy ends after viagra overdose sends attendee to the hospital:
New Orleans archbishop: local Catholic institutions must help with cost of clergy abuse claims
This Week in Misogyny:
Fights break out over gender segregated Yom Kippur celebrations in Israel:
MI finally gets around to outlawing child marriage:
Also this silly shit: