Gareth Edwards + The Creator, Saw X, Fair Play, The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar

Episode 198,   Sep 28, 10:02 AM

Director Gareth Edwards sits down with Jamie Graham to discuss The Creator while Jane Crowther and Leila Latif rate that plus horror franchiser Saw X, gender politics thriller Fair Play and Wed Anderson's short The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar.

Total Film
00.00– 03.15 Intro 
03.20 – 30.00 Review of The Creator, with an exclusive interview with the film’s director Gareth Edwards 
30.05 – 35.35 Review of Saw X
35.40 – 43.00 Review of Fair Play 
43.05 – 51.00 Review of The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar
51.05 – 55.40 Listener’s question followed by Outro