The Reset Rebel Women´s Voice Activation, Poetry and Real Talk

Episode 179,   Sep 29, 2023, 02:00 AM

How do you feel about your voice?
Are you able to speak up and be heard in groups?
Do you freak out if you have a work presentation or at Uni ?
Have you had to go on stage and perform a talk, a song or some kind of performance that came into your life?
Do you hate the sound of your voice when you listen back?

I have come to understand this is due to cognitive dissonance. The way we hear our voice back is different to how it is when we speak to others.

Our voice travels in a different way when we hear it back. But communication is a huge gift that we are able to express through our one and only human instrument.

And? As it happens,  communicating well,  is a massive skill.

It is not something we a gifted when we form the words on our lips.

It tales time, patience and a LOT of practice.

If this is something you wish to work on, in todays Episode we hear from those who came on the event last year over three days and their letters they wrote to their voice.

We also hear from our keynote speaker, Sister Bliss of faithless.

In two weeks time she joins us on edition NO.2 of the Women´s Voice Activation here in Ibiza. Details here:     VOICE RETREAT 14 AND 15TH OCTOBER IN IBIZA