Hanging with Our Buddy, Cody Ko (ft. Cody Ko)

Episode 88,   Sep 28, 10:00 PM

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This week, Brooke and Connor welcome Cody Ko back on the set! They reminisce on their favorite hall of fame internet memes, break down the life of a sweet treats guy, and speed round some breaking pop culture news. Plus, Connor has a wild run in with Hunter Biden.

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Hosted by Brooke Averick & Connor Wood, Created by TMG Studios, Brooke Averick & Connor Wood, and Produced by TMG Studios, Brooke Averick & Connor Wood.

0:00 Valley Mentality 
1:38 Intro
2:13 Buddy vs Bestie
5:20 Welcome Cody! 
6:37 The Jet Setters
7:20 The Jello Theory
9:30 The Sully Spiral 
12:05 BetterHelp
13:45 The Deadly Fire In The Bronx
15:12 Jeremy Strong Tik Toks
20:00 Our Favorite Quotes
22:57 Ebaum’s World
23:49 Reacting To More Tik Toks
26:28 Tinder
27:47 A Sweet Delivery
31:45 Healing Solo Ice Cream Dates
35:07 The Pirate vs Roman Empire Debate
39:54 Reading Absurd Comments
42:25 Julie
44:21 Symptoms of the Algorithm 
46:57 Big Nuts
50:33 Haircuts With Hunter Biden
55:03 AG1
56:56 Our POWERFUL Manifestations 
59:27 Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Recap
1:03:34 Cody’s Loco Moco
1:07:59 Cody’s Manifestations
1:09:55 Brian J. Alvarez’s Song
1:15:54 Thanks Cody!!!
1:17:02 See You In Bonus!!!