Wales: A Work in Progress - Event recording: Devolution across the UK, with Akash Paun

Oct 02, 2023, 07:30 AM

This week, instead of an episode, enjoy a recorded version of our recent event with Akash Paun, Programme Director at the Institute for Government.

Akash came to speak to the IWA's Director Auriol Miller to discuss his recent paper, submitted to the Independent Commission for Wales' Constitutional Future. In it, Akash proposed a comparison of the UK nations' settlements. In this event, Akash discussed: 

  • What the gaps are in Wales’ current settlement
  • What we can learn from other parts of the UK
  • Where does the evidence suggest Wales needs more powers to improve delivering for the nation?
  • Where do we go from here?
Wales: A Work in Progress is the companion piece of our project on the constitutional future of Wales supported by the Legal Education Foundation. In this series, we explore options for Wales' future in conversation with experts and people interested in shaping the way forward for our country.

In keeping with the IWA's independence, we don't take position - rather, we want to give voice to different options and examine the evidence to understand what the best path might be for Wales, and why.

Akash's paper is available in full in the annex of the Commission's interim report.