Incidental Medium - Ghost dentist - shot of novocaine ...

Oct 04, 09:20 PM

I had no idea a ghost could give me a shot of novocaine - but that is exactly what it felt like - and his way of telling me he had been a dentist.

“It’s a very honest, ordinary ability, that each one of you has. And you have witnessed it on a very little basis, but you will call it chance and coincidence… Is it?” - Alex Tanous

A quick refresher. Dr. Tanous (deceased) has been a helper in my dreamtime.

An incredibly gifted psychic, extensively documented. Detailed in the book, Beyond Coincidence: One Man’s Experiences With Psychic Phenomena, Amazon.

Brief highlight. He “Performed unexplained physical feats such as stopping watches, breaking cameras, turning off the electric lights in a room without touching the switch, projecting visible images from his eyes, creating photographic balls of light in totally dark rooms; and “Left his body,” under rigorous scientific controls, “projected himself” to another room, moved an object in that room, and returned.”

Psychic Impressions - The Ghost Dentist - Unmistakable physical impact

My ghost encounter happened during a spontaneous visit with Mom. We decided to go out to eat. The first two places were booked. However, the ghost said he saw us at the second place, and - since he knew my mom - he decided to tag along. He described his impression of me as an abstract thinker and took that as a sign I might be able to make a connection.

There was no missing the clues he gave me.

1. Physical contact. Something poked me at the top of my hip - made me turn around in my chair to see what the heck was going on.

2. Undeniable sensation. The right side of my lower jaw and tongue became numb - exactly like it does when you are given a shot of novocaine.

3. Phone malfunction.

4. Telepathic. The first name: John.

5. I was woken up during the night, and given the second name.

Active in the community - My mom and the dentist knew each other. She could and did corroborate the information he gave me. Even more interesting to me - the name he provided turned out to be the journalist who filed the report about this death.
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