Breaking Down The Dead Files w/ Cindy Kaza

Season 18, Episode 121,   Oct 05, 2023, 08:00 AM

Darkness Radio presents Breaking Down The Dead Files with Paranormal Investigator/Psychic/Medium, Cindy Kaza!

Cindy is best known for her work on Travel Channel's The Dead Files, The Holzer Files and Ghosts of Devil's Perch. Cindy has been extremely intuitive since very early childhood. At the age of 10 she had her first memorable experience with a spirit. Days after losing a childhood friend in a fatal car accident, Cindy woke up in the middle of the night to see her friend standing next to her bed. At the time, she dismissed this experience and convinced herself it was just a dream. It wasn’t until her early 20’s that she realized she was having psychic and mediumistic experiences all along. During this “awakening” she began searching for answers and reasons for her experiences and became aware of her multi-faceted abilities as a psychic medium. She began training not only in the United States but also at the Arthur Findlay School of Intuitive Sciences in Stansted, England. She believes in compassionately sharing her gift with others while also opening up others to the gifts they too possess and that everyone is inherently intuitive and able to feel Spirit!

Cindy joins Darkness Radio today to talk about her first few episodes after newly joining The Dead Files on Travel Channel after the departure of Amy Allen !  We talk about the specifics of the episodes, what certain spirits "feel" like, if serial killer ghosts are common, and could Ed Gein's life path have been changed?

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