Lisa Shepherd - The Biskery

Season 5, Episode 2,   Oct 24, 2023, 04:00 AM

Lisa is all about spreading kindness in biscuit form! One of the founders of The Biskery, Lisa and her business partner Saskia have an enviable client list of brands including KPMG, Amazon, Fendi and L’oreal to name a few. You might know them from their days as Bloom Bakers (established in 2016), or perhaps their wonderful posts and content they share on Linkedin. 

What I love about the entire Biskery team is that they well and truly parent out loud while running their business. Part of their mission is about removing the stigma associated with working mothers, running a business packed with purpose to help others combine careers and motherhood.

Lisa shares some behind the scenes insights of how they enable their company culture - including, but not limited to harnessing the power of the female cycle. Here’s the link she mentions to the chart in the episode.

We also covered off the value that they add as a supplier and why they won’t ever wash down their quality (here here!), Lisa’s reflections on the relationship between business growth and personal growth and the importance of knowing what your valued team members love and are driven by. 

You can find out more about The Biskery on their website and I strongly encourage you to give Lisa and Saskia a follow on LinkedIn.